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Softwood Framing Lumber & Oriented Strand Board
Forecasts, Inventory Management & Trading Strategies

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Layman's Lumber Guide

"YOU FIRST" Membership

Without exception, every time someone inquires about my profession and I say, "lumber market analyst", they reply... "Never heard that one before."  Not only is the whole concept of LLG unique, membership entry is even more fascinating.  I actually pay you to become a member...and...I pay you in advance.

"You First" membership is simply this.

You get your money before I get mine.

EASILY...500% ROI Guaranteed

There are two reasonable requirements.

•First, your business should be a legitimate producer or buyer of North American Softwood Framing Lumber (the sticks used to build houses) and you must be employed in a position to purchase or sell in truckload or carload quantities or manage others who do. 

•Second, you should transact a minimum average of 225,000 board feet (5 truckloads or 1 carload) per month. The more lumber you handle the more valuable the membership.

If you meet those requirements, the next step is simple. Just ask for a FREE 2-month preview.



City/State or Province




Spend the first month just observing, getting familiar with LLG, self-coaching, and corresponding with me.

The second month, act on the strategies. 

That is all there is to it.

​You can expect two weekly forecasts and one monthly in the 


• Lumber Market FORECAST.  Emailed SUNDAY Evening's Includes Near and Long Term Analyses, Forecasts & Trading Strategies

Lumber Market BRIEFING.  Emailed WEDNESDAY Evening        Midweek Update...

-Analyses, Forecasts & Trading Strategies 

  -Rail & Truck Logistics (Shortages or Abundances)
   -Price Rate of Change (Weekly Expectation of Pice Change)

     -Framing Package Index, (Cost per square foot to frame a new home.)
       -Futures Market Impact on Cash Market 

Lumber Market BLUEPRINT. Emailed Last Day of Month. 30-60-90 day Forecasts with long range buying and bidding strategies.

What about that 500% ROI? How about 1000% ROI before you even spend a dime? That will be simple. 500% return on $129 is only $645. How about 1,000%...monthly ROI...$1290...still peanuts.  It all depends on how much lumber you buy and sell. The more you transact, the more you earn or save.

True story: One Texas multi-family builder picked off $220,000 in June 2018 just by delaying his purchase on one job for 30 days when LLG forecasted a Memorial Day to July 4th $100/mbft crash. He bought two other jobs right at the peak and left $220k each on the table. That was in his first month, when he was only observing. That was for FREE!  

Complete and return this LLG MEMBERSHIP REQUEST and email it to me. The next opportunity is just days away. 

At the end of two months, you decide.  

Only then, after you have already made enough money from the buying and selling strategies to prepay your membership, you choose to stay or go.

There will be no annoying, high pressure, follow up sales pitches.  This is the only one. Either we fit or we don't. 

(Memberships are limited by business type and geographic location, as not to over saturate any market.)