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Lumber prices change, either up or down, an average of 2%, $9 per thousand board feet, 37 weeks each year. 15 weeks remain unchanged.  The lumber market may seem complicated, however there are relationship imbalances between supply and demand that occur every week. 

These phenomena create massive opportunities for lumber producers, wholesalers, lumber dealers, wood preservers, component manufacturers, and builders.


•1• HISTORICAL...What has happened in the past under similar circumstances?

•2• CURRENT...What are the immediate influences?

•3•  FORECAST...What is the most likely direction from here?

•4• STRATEGY...What is the best buying [inventory management] and selling [order bidding] approach

•5•  WHEN should the strategy be implemented?

​[Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved each year just by knowing which day of the week to buy lumber.]


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                                          •LUMBER MARKET FORECAST...lumber market forecast with forward projections; includes buying and​           

                                      selling strategies for the coming weeks that profit from weekly price volatility.  


                                      Published Sunday evenings.  


                                         •LUMBER MARKET BRIEFINGS...weekly...abbreviated update forecast.                                                                       

                                   Published Wednesday evenings.


                                          •LUMBER MARKET BLUEPRINT...once monthly...forecast with 30-60-90 day buying and


                                   bidding strategies. Published the last day of each month.




Each publication contains buying and selling strategies that build an advantageous, un-level playing field with a seemingly unfair competitive edge...reducing lumber costs, improving inventory management and sharpening future job bids by anticipating price changes.

LLG's framing lumber forecasts projects the rise and fall of lumber prices with staggering accuracy.  Each is a reliable source for answers...for awareness...for additional profits on every transaction.

Working with commodity lumber prices since 1985, Layman’s Lumber Guide advises buying and selling strategies that beat the lumber market...with an average week to week 86% accuracy.  

A completely independent publication, Layman’s Lumber Guide specializes in forecasting turning dates for the North American softwood framing lumber and oriented strand board markets.  We anticipate, up to one year in advance, the specific weeks during the year WHEN lumber and OSB highs, lows, hops, skips, and jumps will most likely occur. 

Layman's Lumber Guide-Lumber Market Forecasts contain weekly strategies for when to increase or decrease inventories; when to be aggressive or passive...weeks and months prior to significant price swings.  

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Mastering the lumber market requires "a plan" that
ANTICIPATES and EXPLOITS [profits from] price volatility.

• Manage Inventory Turns [having more or less lumber at the appropriate time]
• Correctly Bid Future Jobs [protecting profits in rising markets and securing jobs in falling markets.]  ​

"WHEN to make your move" is the Most Important Consideration

In Making Inventory, or Job Bidding, Decisions.​